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When you start using the Advanced Analytics Module, Projector provides you with a prepackaged set of dashboards that many professional services organizations will find useful. It is often your starting point for building out your own dashboards that meet your business needs. This page introduces you to the base package, which dashboards we chose to include, why we chose them, and finally it introduces you to concepts that you may find beneficial when planning your own dashboards.

If you have not yet been introduced to AAM, please review our introductory page.

Initial Configuration

You'll need to configure the base package before you can start using it. Please see our AAM Initial Configuration guide to get started.

Design Patterns

When Projector designed the base package, we also came up with a set of interface paradigms meant to make your dashlets consistent and easily consumable - even for novel dashlets. Please see AAM Design Patterns.

Base Performance Dashboards

Projector ships with the following stock dashboards that evaluate overall company performance.

Base Project Workspace Dashboards

Projector ships with the following Project Workspace dashboards.

Base Home Page Dashboards

Projector ships with the following Home Page dashboards.

Base Data Sets

These are the default data sets that power the base dashboards. The help page gives a description of the kinds of data the contain, their default import schedules, and other useful notes.

AAM Base Data Sets

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