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The client dashboard is intended to show metrics important to your clients. You can optionally allow your clients access to this dashboard.

Permissions and Settings

In order for your clients to see this dashboard, they will need access to Projector Web. Create a user profile for them and make sure you tick the Client checkbox.

Clients can be given access to this dashboard. Well, they can actually access any project dashboard, but this is probably the only one you want them to have access to. In order for client's to access a project workspace dashboard, the project workspace permissions must allow it AND the project's current stage must also allow it.

Performance to Budget

Given this project's Primary Time Budget Metric - display actuals to date and budget remaining. Budgets are set on your Project Budget Tab.

  • Blue bar - budget consumed
  • Green bar - budget remaining



Invoices By Status

A time-phased, color-coded depiction of invoices. 

  • Color of dot - determines whether invoice is overdue, paid, or awaiting payment
  • Y-axis - amount of invoice
  • X-axis - invoice due date


A simple table with

  • Invoice number
  • Issue date
  • Due date
  • Payment status
  • Amount

Gantt Chart

If you are leveraging Projector's detailed task management tools, then you can display the Gantt chart to your clients.

  • Blue bars - Planned start date to planned end date
  • Orange bar - Today

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