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Dashboards are the consumable part of AAM. They are the final visualizations that your Projector users look and interact with. A dashboard is composed of dashlets. Each dashlet contains different types of information. Most of your dashlets will come from views in your reports, but some may be custom dashlets like your company's RSS feed or an activity feed of recently updated reports. 

The dashlets on a dashboard are interactive. You can interact with a pivot table, view the numbers that compose a line chart, or drill down into geographic regions.

Users consume dashboards directly in AAM, from performance dashboards, or from project workspace dashboards.

To view your dashboards, go to Topics | Advanced Analytics | Dashboards. Or point your browser to

Permissions and Settings

Dashboards are viewable in three areas of Projector. 

  1. Topics | Configure | Advanced Analytics | Dashboards - this is the general dashboards page and is available to everyone
  2. Topics | Measure | Performance Dashboards - these are dashboards that have been specifically shared to a user and are visible through Projector Web. To learn more see Performance Dashboards.
  3. Topics | Project Workspaces - these are dashboards that are configured to show data in project workspaces. To learn more see Workspace Dashboards.

You can view a dashboard if:

  • You are the owner
  • It has been shared to you
  • It has been published and you are viewing it through either Topics | Performance Dashboards or via Project Workspace Dashboards.

A published dashboard is a read-only view of a dashboard. You cannot interact with it by drilling down,nor can you browse the back end data that comprises it. Only dashboards that have been published are viewable under Performance Dashboards or Workspace Dashboards.

Any Projector user with the general permission Enable user in advanced analytics module can create a dashboard. However, a user can only add dashlets from reports that are shared to them.

Dashboards are broken up into two categories. My Dashboards and Shared Dashboards. My dashboards are ones you own. You have complete control over them. Shared dashboards somebody else owns. They can grant you view permission, no permission, or edit permission.

You can set your own Default Dashboard. The default is displayed whenever you visit your Dashboards menu item. Or when you visit the Performance Dashboards area of Projector Web.

Manage Dashboards

Common dashboard operations.


Go to My Dashboards | New Dashboard.


Choose a dashboard from My Dashboards | Edit.


Choose a dashboard from My Dashboards | Share | Plain Dashboard | Enter alias and Set. Alias must be unique across all dashboards in your domain.


Choose a dashboard from My Dashboards | Edit | Share


Choose a dashboard from My Dashboards | Edit | Delete

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