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The purpose of this dashboard is to show you how well a project is performing.

Permissions and Settings

Typically engagement and project managers have access to this project dashboard.


Budget KPIs

Show KPIs for the active budget's primary time metric.

  • Actuals Through - the date through which approved time is analyzed
  • Budget - the total budget and primary metric
  • Budget Alert Level - if project is under or over budget through the specified date
  • Estimate at Complete - factoring in projected hours, what is the final estimate to deliver this project and will it be over or under budget

Labor KPIs

Show KPIs for performance of your labor pool. All numbers reflect system revenue for both actuals and projections.

  • Percent Complete - ratio of actual vs. projected system revenue
  • Realized Rate - system revenue / hours
  • Total Revenue - system revenue
  • Margin -  system revenue / RDC

Hours by Resource

Hours actually worked and hours expected to work for the previous and next 13 weeks.

  • Blue bar - approved hours
  • Green bar - booked horus

Resource Schedule

Heat map of hours for the previous and next 13 weeks. The darker the shade, the more hours. 

Performance to Budget

 For the project's primary budget metric, a stacked bar chart showing budget consumption.

  • Blue bar - actuals
  • Green bar - projected
  • Entire bar - total budget


Actuals to Date

KPIs on your actuals to date.

  • Billing adjusted revenue
  • Hours
  • System Revenue


Estimate to Complete

KPIs on your outstanding work to complete

  • Billing adjusted revenue (only relevant for T&M and NTE engagements)
  • Hours
  • System Revenue

Estimate at Completion

For the project's active budget metric:

  • Metric
  • Estimate at Completion
  • % deviation from budget
  • Budget status
  • Hours to date
  • System Revenue


Open Issues by Priority

If you are leveraging our issue tracking tool, then show a donut chart of issues.


Issues by Status

If you are leveraging our issue tracking tool , then show a pie chart of completion status.


Top Issues

If you are leveraging our issue tracking tool , then show a table of color coded issues.


Invoices by Status

Point chart that shows amount of invoice, when it was issued, and whether it has been paid.



Table of invoices and their status.


Outstanding Balance

Invoices not yet marked paid.


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