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Set contract terms on a contract line item. An explanation of all contract types can be found in the Contract Types Editor.

Permissions and Settings

Time Contract


Service Periods

The Service Periods grid is shown for contracts with:

  • Revenue Schedule
  • Model Overages ticked

When there is a revenue schedule, the service period grid determines how much revenue will be earned in a particular date range.

When model overages is ticked, the service periods determine how many hours are contracted for a particular date range.

Start DateBeginning of the service period. If it contains an arrow, <–. that means all preceding time
End DateEnd of service period (inclusive)
Scheduled RevenueAmount of revenue to be earned between the start and end date
Recognized RevenueAmount of revenue that has already been recognized for this service period
Contracted HoursIf overages is ticked, enter the number of hours that have been agreed to
Actual HoursApproved hours as of right now
Overage HoursApproved hours that have exceeded the contracted hours. These hours are awaiting transfer to an overage project.
NotesFree form text field to enter notes about the service period
DeleteDelete the service period. You cannot delete a service period if revenue recognition has already been done on it. You'll need to first reverse revenue recognition.

Cost Contract

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