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Cost card history is one of the most useful forms in Projector. It gives you a history of time, date, adjustment type, who made the adjustment, and valuation changes due to any adjustments. With this full picture, you can piece together an exact audit history of what has occurred to a specific cost card.

History is also available in Projector Web from cost management.

This form is reached from:

Permissions and Settings

To reach cost card history, you only need to be able to view the cost card in cost management, the expense document editor, or on an invoice.

Cost Card History

Explanation of the fields in the cost card history table.



Entered On

Date and time change was made


What type of change was made

  • Added - initial creation of the card
  • Submit - project code card was submitted to
  • Approve - workflow approval
  • Approve to Invoice
  • Approved to Pay
  • Include on Payment Voucher
  • Exclude from Payment Voucher
  • Include on Invoice
  • Exclude from Invoice

Entered By

Who made the change

Approved ByAdjustments of cost cards by changing the amount, transferring between projects, changing the type, description, etc all require that both Finance and Project Manager approval be given. These fields show who gave that approval.

Value After Adjustment

The client and disbursed amount after the change

  • Disbursed - amount that the resource was reimbursed, minus VAT, converted into the Engagement Currency
  • Client - amount that the client will get billed for this cost card
CurrencyThe currency of the cost card.


When adjustments are made, adjusters are given the opportunity to specify an explanation. For example, when rejecting a time card you can specify why it was rejected. That value is shown here. In addition, there may be Projector-generated explanations. These include:

  • Add/Remove from Payment Voucher
  • Add/Remove from Invoice


You may see these three icons in a history row.

  • - Adjustment approved
  • - Adjustment pending approval by finance or project manager or both
  • - do not show this expense on the invoice. Only applies to zero client amount expenses.


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