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Cost Management is your go to location for anything related to cost cards. The powerful search engine quickly finds exactly the cards you are looking for. Once you have found cards, you can review individual card details, approve, reject, adjust, transfer, and much more. Similar cards can be grouped together for ease of batch administration. Because this one screen offers so much functionality, we've broken this help section up into three subpages. Please see the section below that interests you.

To access cost management, point your browser to

Permissions and Settings

Anyone can search for their own cost cards. The following permissions give administrators and project managers expanded access.

  • A user with the cost center permission to Browse Resource/Disbursed Expenses
  • A user with the cost center permission to Browse Project Expenses
  • Be a cost approver in some way. For example, you are a PM on a project set to PM approval.
  • When viewing a resource's profile, user chosen for Approve Expenses

To share searches with others and to modify shared searches, you must have the global permission Maintain Public Reports and Saved Searches.
More granular permissions apply to actions within Manage Cost Cards. Please see the child help pages below for those details.

Cost Card Details

You can view cost card details by clicking the  icon for any cost card.


Projector provides the following metadata about the cost card.

DateIncurred date of cost card
ProjectProject code and name
Expense type

Use Expense Type Editor to define your expense types.

Use Expense Type Configurations Editor to define which types are allowed on a project.

DescriptionDescription, typically entered by a resource

Draft, Submitted, Rejected, Approved,

ResourceFor expense reports and subcontractor invoices, resource is required. For vendor invoices and soft cost documents it is optional.
Paid byResources can always specify themselves as the person who paid. They can optionally specify a company credit card or another vendor.
LocationLocations can be required. Available locations come from the Location and Holiday Editor.
Incurred currencyResources choose their incurred currency from a dropdown list. Available currencies/

Related Documents

Contains links to the expense document, payment voucher, and invoice associated with this cost card.

Financial Summary

Projector displays the following information:

Total AmountBase amount + VAT
VAT and VAT %See Value Added Tax (VAT) for information about using VAT in Projector
Base AmountDisbursed amount less VAT
Write-up/downThe difference between base amount and what you intend to charge the client
Client AmountAmount you intend to charge the client
Cost revenue amountAmount born by client
Expense amountAmount born by your organization

Actions Menu

Under the actions menu on cost card details you'll find the following options.

Managed Attached Receipts

From here you can view, add, and remove receipts. Whether or not add/remove is allowed is determined by the receipt locking settings enabled in your installation.

View History

View the complete history of this cost card.

Projector tracks the following entities:

  • Metadata
    • Change Description
    • Change Location
    • Change Expense Type
  • Status changes
    • Draft
    • Submit
    • Approve
    • Approve to Pay
    • Include on Payment Voucher
    • Exclude from Payment Voucher
    • Approve to Invoice
    • Include on Invoice
    • Exclude from Invoice
    • Issue Invoice
  • Revenue adjustments
    • Write-up/down

View Approvers

A list of everyone that can approve this cost card.

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