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If you have a fixed price contract with a revenue schedule, you can use this wizard to quickly create:

  • Service periods
  • Contracted hours per service period
  • Milestone for service periods

Recurring Revenue Management Webinar is a great resource which demonstrates how to configure projects with recurring service revenue.

This form is reached by opening a project and going to the Engagement | Contract subtab. Click Create Recurring Revenue/Milestone Schedule

Permissions and Settings

To create service periods or milestones you need one of the following permissions:

  • Be the engagement manager and have the stage permission Edit Contract Terms
  • Have the cost center permission Maintain Projects and Engagements
  • Be a project manager and have the stage permission Edit Milestones. If the milestone is for the whole engagement, then the PM must have the stage permission for all projects in the engagement. If the milestone is for a specific project, then the PM only needs the stage permission for that one project.


Create Service Periods

Fill out the form with the date interval, starting date, and duration of a service period. Finally enter the period contract amount. Projector will create a schedule based on your parameters.

Optionally tick the Create a periodic revenue/service schedule if you would like project to model a fixed number of purchased hours.

Optionally tick the Create a recurring billing milestone schedule checkbox if you would like to create milestones that align with your service periods.





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