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If you do not yet have a installation, then request one! Installations can be requested at

Initial Setup

Projector comes set up with a basic configuration that works for many organizations. The default settings are:

  • Set up users. Use the Users admin form.
    • If you're new to Projector, the list of permissions you'll need to address in this step may be unfamiliar to you. DO NOT PANIC, as you become more familiar with Projector you can always go back and change this information.
  • Set up departments and titles. Use the Departments & Titles admin form. As a default, Projector has one department already established (named Staff) and one title (named Staffmember).
    • Projector keeps rate and cost information by title, so every new title will have rate and cost information associated with it.
    • Projector comes with one rate card (Standard Rate Card) and one resource direct cost card (Standard Resource Direct Cost). There are three approaches to setting up rates and costs to associate with each title:
      • Assign rates and costs as you create titles.
      • Ignore rates and costs while setting up titles. Set up rates and costs by editing entire rate/cost cards once all titles have been created.
      • Leave rates/costs at zero, use Projector just for scheduling, and populate rate/cost data in the future when you're ready to use Projector as a financial as well as a scheduling tool.
  • Add resources. Use the Resources admin form in the Admin Console.
  • Add clients. Use the Client Browser tab of the Projector Dashboard.
  • Add engagements and projects. Use the Project Browser tab of the Projector Dashboard.

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