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macOS Catalina was released in October 2019. This version of macOS is NOT supported by our Management Portal software. If you need to use MP on your Mac, you should refrain from installing Catalina until we introduce support.

Important: Projector’s Management Portal for Mac is NOT compatible with macOS 10.15 Catalina

At this time, any Mac running macOS Catalina will not support the Projector Management Portal. Projector advises users to avoid this update until our application is fully compatible. Many Macs have automatic updates turned on, but operating system updates usually require user approval, so it’s important to take care not to inadvertently start the update.

We are working with our technology partner CodeWeavers to introduce an update as soon as possible, and we are exploring other options as well.

If you'd like to receive regular updates regarding our progress, please email us at .


The Catalina operating system completes Apple’s transition to 64-bit hardware and software technology for Mac. While the Windows version of Projector is 64-bit, the Mac version developed in conjunction with our partner CodeWeavers is a 32-bit application, and it runs on prior macOS versions such as 10.13 High Sierra and 10.14 Mojave. Projector is now working with CodeWeavers on a 64-bit version for the Mac.


When will a Catalina-compatible Management Portal be available?

We're working closely with CodeWeavers, but at the moment, they don't have a delivery estimate for their upgrade. We do know, however, that this is their number one priority at the moment since their whole business is built around this platform that provides Mac compatibility. We'll let you know as we get updates from CodeWeavers (please email us a if you'd like to get updates).

Are there workarounds?

The simplest workarounds are the many features and capabilities in Projector Web. These include:

  • Approving time
  • Approving Expenses
  • Creating vendor invoices, soft costs, and subcontractor invoices
  • Creating payment vouchers
  • Creating project roles
  • Requesting and scheduling time

Are there other ways to run the Management Portal on a Mac?

Unfortunately, there is no simple workaround to this issue, other than using a Windows computer. Alternatives are:

  • Virtual machine: You can install virtual machine software such as Parallels, with an older version of macOS (e.g. 10.14 Mojave) or the Windows operating system, on your Mac. This is a solid solution with the only downsides being cost of the software and the time & knowledge required to set it up.
  • Remote access: Companies employing remote access (giving computer A access to an application running on computer B, which could be virtual) could be an option when the target computer is running Windows and our Management Portal.

Is Projector Web affected?

Projector Web is browser-based and is unaffected by the operating system version.

Can I downgrade my Mac to an older operating system?

In short, no, this is not advised. The only possibility open to a strong technical person would be to have a separate bootable disc sector running Mojave, with Projector installed. The computer would need to be booted into one or the other sector and operating system, not both at once. 


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