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Performance Dashboards are meant to show high level metrics to groups of users. They are often targeted at executives, administrators, and project managers. This page explains how to configure your performance dashboards. To learn how to build a dashboard, please see ProjectorBI Dashboards.

The dashboards you see here are created by your installation owner. As such, we don't have an explanation of the unique items that have been shared with you. You should consult your Advanced Analytics administrator if you need help understanding what the data represents. If you are leveraging our base package, then you can learn about those dashboards by reading ProjectorBI Base Performance Dashboards.

Performance Dashboards are reached by choosing Topics | Performance Dashboards or by pointing your browser to

Permissions and Settings

Project Dashboards are accessible to a user when the following is true:

Default Dashboard

You can set a single dashboard to be the one that loads whenever you visit this area of Projector Web. This is set on a per user basis, the default cannot be specified for all users.

  1. Click Topics | ProjectorBI
  2. Find your desired dashboard and view it
  3. Choose Edit | Make Default.

Dashboards are listed alphabetically.

Dynamic Filters

The following dynamically applied filters are available.

{0} - Primary User Type Name
{1} - Resource Display Name
{2} - Resource Cost Center Name
{3} - Resource Cost Center Number
{4} - Resource Company Name
{5} - Resource Company Number
{6} - Primary User Type Unique Identifier
{7} - Resource Unique Identifier
{8} - Resource User Unique Identifier
{9} - Resource Cost Center Unique Identifier
{10} - Resource Company Unique Identifier

{11} - Authenticated User Unique Identifier
{12} - Authenticated User Display Name

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