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The performance analysis contains several default views that display Key Performance Indicators (KPIs), performance to budgets, and expenses information.

To reach this section go to Topics Projects and search for a project. Open a project and choose Performance Analysis.

Permissions and Settings

You can view this data if you can view a project. The following users are granted view access to projects.

Some data may be unavailable depending on your permissions. See the global permissions View Project Margin and Resource Direct Cost (RDC) Data.

You can customize the data displayed here and save it to your own layout. To share that layout with other users you need the global permission Maintain Public Reports and Saved Searches.

Default Layout

The default layout cannot be edited. The table below shows the default views Projector provides.

Project Key Performance Indicators


  • Actual Hours (approved time cards)
  • Hours
  • % Complete
  • System Revenue Rate and whether you met your target
  • Project Margin and whether you met your target
  • % Late Tasks for organizations that use detailed task management
  • % Open High Priority Issues for organizations that use project workspaces
Performance to Budget Summary

Displays information about the primary metric on your project. Budgets are set from the project editor in Management Portal. Alerts are configured through the budget alerts editor.

  • Time Metric
    • Budget Status for Actuals to Date
    • Budget Status for Estimate at Completion
  • Cost Metric
    • Budget Status for Actuals to Date
    • Budget Status for Estimate at Completion
Performance to Budget (Time)Shows you time budget performance with no time-phasing
Performance to Budget Timephased (Time)Shows you time budget performance time-phased by week
Budget Remaining (Cost)Shows you cost budget performance
Expenses to DateShows all approved expenses


Custom Layouts

To create a custom layout follow these steps.

  1. Edit the Default Layout however you wish
  2. From the Layouts manager click the gear icon -
  3. Choose Save Layout As
  4. You can then optionally share that layout with other users in your organization

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