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The Project Workspace module provides an online area to facilitate collaboration within delivery teams. Workspaces let you see your team members, coordinate and prioritize issues related to project delivery, share documents, and view invoicing data. Each of these are covered in the sections below.

Project workspaces are reached from the Home or by pointing your browser to

 (click to enlarge)

Permissions and Settings

Default view and edit access permission are determined by Engagement Type.

For team members to access Project Workspaces the following is required:

For client users to access Project Workspaces the following is required:


Type in any character to begin searching. The search field filters on the following:

  • Engagement Name or Code
  • Project Name or Code
  • Client Name or Code


Quickly view any project by selecting it from your favorites list. To add projects to your favorites list, first search for them. Then, click the star ( ). 

To remove a favorite, click the star again. You can also remove projects from your favorites list by hovering over the project name and clicking the () that appears. 

Upgrade from Legacy Project Workspaces

If you used workspaces prior to Projector release 4.5, then you will have data migrated from the Legacy Project Workspace. The ability to add links has been deprecated. Existing links migrated into the new workspaces will continue to work, but new links cannot be added.

Projector also allowed linking directly to files on your computer or network for Internet Explorer users. This functionality has been disabled by Microsoft as of IE9, and as such Projector can no longer support it.

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