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As your consulting firm’s core operational system, our Professional Services Automation (PSA) solution helps your teams efficiently manage the entire delivery process. From initial planning, project management, and resource scheduling to time and expense tracking, budget management, and invoicing,

Projector provides the following:

  • Time and expense tracking
  • Invoicing and revenue management
  • Task, collaboration, and project management
  • Resource scheduling and personnel management
  • Analytical reporting and dashboarding

Projector helps service companies and departments manage their business operations more effectively. Using Projector, an organization can improve:


  • Early discovery of "off-the-rails" projects
  • Avoidance of surprise write-offs
  • Seeing future revenue and cost based on projected project staffing


  • Integration of job accounting and MS Project applications
  • Scheduling to improve utilization
  • Web time and expense entry
  • Invoicing


  • Revenue recognition and preventing surprises
  • Management and decision making based on a single, shared data source
  • Truth in time reporting
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