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Projector Web is the website your users interact with. This page is where you configure the website's My Home Page. Provide links to your important websites, announcements, give easy access to company content through an RSS feed, and make your presence known with your own company logo.

This form is reached by choosing View | Administration | Setup | Employee Portal and clicking Edit.

Permissions and Settings

To make changes on this tab you must have the global permission System Settings set to Update.


Announcements are messages you want your resources to see when they log into Projector Web. The announcements appear at the top of their My Home PageThe text you enter cannot include html markup. The editor is a little deceptive in that typed links in Management Portal look like they will work. However, they don't work in Projector Web. 

Click the Edit Announcements button to add up to five, 1,000 character announcements. After saving, you will need to refresh your web browser to see the changes.

To change the order of the announcements, select a row and then click the up/down buttons. 

Links appear at the bottom of your My Home Page. Press the Edit Links button to add up to ten links.

In the editor you will find a grid divided into two columns. Enter the text of the link (what your employees will click on) in the Text column. Enter the link to your web page in the Target column. 

You can automatically populate several links related to Projector from the multi-select dropdown button. The following table describes them.


Links to


Projector Help

Our online help contains plenty of resources to assist your employees. Browse frequently asked questions, learn more about Projector's feature, or read in depth how-to articles.

Projector PSA Home Page


Release Notes

Release notes for the current Projector version and historical versions. Peruse useful demonstration Webinars and PowerPoint overviews.

Projector Blog

The blog contains great resources about both Projector the company and how to leverage our software product to help your organization.

Projector Support

Projector's top notch support team will help you and your team navigate the system.

To change the order of the links, press the up/down buttons.

Set your company logo that is shown on the My Home Page. Supported file formats are PNG, GIF, JPEG, and BMP. There is a 256kb maximum logo size. PNG, GIF, and JPEG generally provide the smallest file sizes. Images larger than 160px wide or 80px tall will be automatically scaled down to fit. The logo will not be distorted to fit, only shrunk to form a best fit. You can use a transparent background if you like.

To change your logo, press the Change button. A file browser is shown. Navigate to your image and click Open.

To view your logo in full resolution and typical display size - click on the logo image. A popup will appear with the full resolution logo.

To remove a logo, click the arrow of the multi-select dropdown and choose Clear Image. Once an image is cleared it cannot be restored.

After changing your logo you will need to refresh your Dashboard to see the changes. To refresh your dashboard, press your browser's refresh button or press F5 on your keyboard.


RSS Feeds

RSS Feeds are a typical method through which websites syndicate their content. Want your resources to see your company's latest blog posts? Then this is where you can make this happen. To start you'll want to know all the RSS feeds that you wish to show. Talk to your IT team if you need help discovering what your RSS feed URL is.

Once you know your feed URLs, simply label them and enter them into the Projector Web editor. The feeds will show up on all your user's My Home Pages.

Projector prepopulates your feed with some great resources to ensure your users are getting the most out of Projector.

RSS FeedDescription
E3 TutorialsWatch short 2-3 minute videos that teach you how to use Projector
E3 WebinarsConsume long-form videos that cover the gamut from product tutorials, to round tables, to teaching you the basics of accounting
E3 AssetsCollection of training materials and template files
E3 ArticlesProjector's blog
E3 PlaylistsCollections of videos geared towards specific user types in Projector. For example, videos for Project Managers or videos for Resource Managers.







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