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Projector is capable of sending and receiving data from QuickBooks. Client and Vendor data can be sent to or retrieved from QuickBooks. Accounting data (AR, AP, GL) is only sent to QuickBooks. In this case Projector is acting as a QuickBooks sub-ledger. Because the two applications share information in just the right way, you'll get the financial control, management information, and operational efficiency that you need. In addition, because QuickBooks will no longer need to capture or manage project-level detail, you'll be able to extend the useful life of QuickBooks as your business grows.

The pre-built connector allows you to:

  • Send accounting transactions to QuickBooks electronically exactly once, avoiding the drudgery and potential errors of rekeying
  • Create summary invoices and bills in QuickBooks so you can continue to manage aging, cash application, and cash disbursement there
  • Extend the functionality of QuickBooks by managing the complexities of multi-currency accounting, intercompany transactions, and project-level details in Projector
  • Integrate Projector into your month-end closing processes by providing users with full control over accounting periods in Projector
  • Reconcile the two applications quickly using Projector's pre-built reports and cross-reference numbers
  • Synchronize QuickBooks' customers and vendors with Projector's clients and resources
  • Distribute job-related responsibilities to project managers and other staff without having to grant them access to QuickBooks

This heading is reached by choosing View | Integration | Accounting Systems. 

Permissions and Settings

To use the QuickBooks synchronization you will need to have:

  1. The QuickBooks module enabled
  2. The global permission Accounting System Interface set to Update
Projector account mappings are defined in a number of locations. See our Account Mappings help page for a more detailed list of them.

Projector supports QuickBooks sub-classes. Please see the Accounting section of the Cost Center Editor for details.

QuickBooks has character limitations on fields. For a full list, please see this list.

Configure Your Projector Installation

Before you try and send accounting data over to QuickBooks, you'll need to map all the accounting fields in Projector to your accounting fields in QuickBooks. This process requires a knowledge of both Projector and QuickBooks. That is why we recommend using one of our accounting consultants to make sure that everything is configured properly. An improperly configured installation takes significantly more time and money to unwind and fix than a proper implementation up front does. 

You can learn about all the places where accounts are mapped in Projector from our Account Mappings help page. 

If you are using one of our pre-populated RevCorp installations, then we offer a preconfigured QuickBooks file so that you can practice sending transactions over. You can find it in the project workspace for P001022-001. The password is 'password'.

Connect to QuickBooks

Once your installation has its account properly configured you need to connect Projector to QuickBooks. Use the instructions at the appropriate link below to do so:

Synchronize Settings

This sections describes the fields and buttons on this tab. 

Send transactions only for the following companyYou can only synchronize one company at a time. If you have multiple companies, then it is likely you have a QuickBooks company file for each one. Choose the company you want to sync.
QuickBooks Version (Desktop only)QuickBooks versions are discussed on the individual pages for syncing with QuickBooks Desktop.
Show Connector Info (Desktop only)Clicking this button tests whether the QuickBooks Request Processor is installed. If it is installed, you will get some data back. Otherwise you will receive an error message. Just because the connector info button returns a result, does not necessarily mean that Projector can push information.
Send transactions to a production or a sandbox QuickBooks Online company? (Online only)This set of radio buttons allows user to access a production QuickBooks Online company for real accounting integration or use a sandbox QuickBooks Online company to do some testing beforehand.
Log file of transactions submitted to QuickBooks and of the QuickBooks responses

The QuickBooks log is essential for troubleshooting. The log is kept in text format with the newest entries at the bottom. Viewing the log likely will be meaningless to you, but you can send it to support for review. The log is maintained on a per machine basis. So if you run into an error on one computer, and look at the log from another computer, they won't contain the same information.

  • Browse - specify a new log location
  • View Log - open the log in your default text editor
  • Send to Support - the log will be automatically uploaded to Projector for review by the support staff. You will still need to notify the support staff of the upload and provide context around why it was sent.
Clear QuickBooks Online Connection(s) (Online Only)Clicking this button before you send transactions to a different QuickBooks Online company (ex. from Sandbox to Production QuickBooks Online company) from the SAME Projector company (the one in "Send transactions only for the following company").
Import WizardA trick button. You can do all the same things and more with the Synchronize Wizard. Start there instead!
Synchronize WizardSync data back and forth between QuickBooks and Projector. See the QuickBooks Synchronize Wizard for a full description of what this does.

Synchronize Wizard

Now that your installation is configured and you have connected to QuickBooks you can start syncing data between Projector and QuickBooks. Please see the QuickBooks Synchronize Wizard page for detailed instructions.

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