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The distribution tab is used to email out report results. It is typically used in conjunction with the Schedule and Filters tab. Together they provide the ability to:

  • Schedule reports to run periodically
  • Email results to a distribution list
  • Recipients of emails can have the results filtered to just information about or for them

A distributed report runs with the permissions of whoever created it. If there is information that should not be shared with some people, for instance your internal resource costs, then be careful about who the report is distributed to. If you yourself wish to be notified when a report completes, make sure you add yourself to the distribution list.

Emails are only sent out if Notify on Success is ticked and the report is scheduled or you click Submit and Distribute.


Permissions and Settings

Only reports for active users will be run and distributed.

Reports are only emailed out if Notify on Success is ticked for the user or group and if the report actually contains data. This takes into account recipient filtering. Basically, if the report doesn't contain any data for you - we don't send an email.

Distribution to a cost center - reports are sent to users that are assigned to that cost center or a child cost center. For example, imagine your cost center structure is Entire Organization → Europe → France. A report distributed to Europe will be received by all users in the Europe cost center and all users in the France cost center. A user assigned to Entire Organization will not receive the report.

If a user has both primary and additional user types, both are taken into consideration for distribution purposes.

The users that are allowed to see a distributed report are compiled at the time the report is run. Anyone added afterwards will not have access. For example, if you distribute a report to all project managers, then add a new project manager, the new PM will not be able to view the report, even if they are forwarded the link.

When a report is emailed to a user, it will contain their username in the link. This link is only useful for that particular user. Projector expects that person to log in and download the report. If you wish, you can delete the username portion of the link and anyone else on the distribution list will be able to view it after entering their credentials.

Add User

In the upper grid, click New to search for a specific user in your installation. 

Add User Type

In the lower grid, click New to enable a row. Select a user type from the dropdown list. Optionally narrow the list of people who are notified by picking a cost center. Only resources who have both the user type AND are in one of the selected cost centers receive the report. Reports are distributed to both Primary and Additional user types.

See the Permissions and Settings section for an explanation of how cost center distribution works


The following table explains each control on this page



Notify on Success

An email will be sent to the user along with a link to download the report. Reports are only emailed out if Notify on Success is ticked for the user or group and if the report actually contains data. This takes into account recipient filtering. Basically, we never sent out an email if when you open the report you wouldn't see any data.

Notify on Failure

An email will be sent to the user


Browse for a Projector user to send the report to

Clear List

Remove everyone from the distribution list

Copy List

Copy the current distribution list to an internal clipboard. Use this in conjunction with the Merge Copied List button

Merge Copied List

Used in conjunction with the Copy List button. Pastes a list of users into the distribution list. This will not overwrite the existing list, just add anyone not already on the list.

Sort List

Alphabetically sort the list

Set All Success

Check all Notify on Success checkboxes

Clear All Success

Uncheck all Notify on Success checkboxes

Set All Failure

Check all Notify on Failure checkboxes

Clear All Failure

Uncheck all Notify on Failure checkboxes

Target Reports

With targeted reporting, you can take a report that contains information about a large group of users and have it culled down to only contain information about the report recipient or report runner. For example, you might create a performance analysis report that contains information about all resources. When you share this report, you don't want them to see information about their co-workers. To learn how to target a report for the recipient or submitter, please see the Examples subsection of the Filter Fields documentation.


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