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To open the reports tab, click View | Reports

Projector offers an enormous amount of functionality for driving your day-to-day business operations. But at the end of the day you also have a need to look back over operations and get a look at the big picture. Projector reports are where much of this information is derived from. Analyze hundreds of data points, roll up months or years of operations data and quickly get a look at your organizations past health, current health and future positions. Then use Projector's report scheduling and distribution features to keep your entire management team in the loop and projects on target.

  • Report Browseryour starting point for creating, editing, running, and viewing reports
  • Report Wizardcreate a report from scratch, modify a previously created report, or run a report
  • Report File Formatsoutput report data as Excel spreadsheets, Access databases, XML, JSON, and more 
  • Types of ReportsEach report type presents different kinds of information. Some reports will offer information about engagements, while others will offer information about resource utilization or project profitability
  • Report Web Servicesaccess your report data through a web address

Permissions and Settings

Specific permissions and settings apply to each unique report type (ginsu, variance, user, etc). Please see the individual help pages for details. 

The bolded reports below can be run by engagement mangers, project managers, and can act as PM users. The data will be limited based on the information the user has access to. For example, for an engagement report that covers three projects, if a PM on one project runs the report, they won't get data from the other two projects.

  • Baseline Variance - yes
  • Cost Card - yes, but only returns data when selecting "Engagement Cost Center" on parameters tab
  • Engagement Portfolio Report - nope
  • Engagement - yes
  • Forecast Accuracy - yes
  • Ginsuyes
  • Issue - yes
  • Project List - nope
  • Project Portfolio - yes
  • Project Role - yes
  • Resource Schedule - yes, also returns timeoff data
  • Task Analysis - yes
  • Time Cardyes, but only returns data when selecting "Engagement Cost Center" on parameters tab
  • Utilization - nope
  • Variance - yes
  • Accounting Analysis - nope
  • Accounting Balances - nope
  • Client - nope
  • Invoice - nope
  • Invoice Milestone - yes
  • Rate Card - nope
  • RDC Rate card - nope
  • Time Transfer - nope
  • Unbilled Time and Cost Ageing - nope
  • Audit Trail - nope
  • Resource - nope
  • User - nope 

Additional Resources

First,  we recommend you sign up for the Projector e3 program. This program has lots of cool things to get you more involved in Projector. We have webinars that discuss product features like reporting as well as analytical dashboards, invoice customization, upcoming product features and more. Sign up at this site.

Once joined, you will want to scroll down and look on the right for a subgroup called Webinar Library. Join that group too (happens right away) and they'll be a list of webinars displayed, including a popular one on reporting.

The next is a set of blog posts that we put together that start to describe the basics of using Projector's reports. They can be accessed at:

How to Create Projector Reports from Scratch – Part 1

How to Create Projector Reports from Scratch - Part 2

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