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System Requirements.

Management Portal

The management portal is a Windows application used by Projector Administrators for configuring the software.

Minimum System Requirements:

  • Windows 7 or newer. Windows 7 is scheduled for end-of-life on Jan 14, 2020. At that time Windows 8+ will be required.
  • Screen resolution of 1024x768 or greater
  • OSX 10.11+. Older versions to 10.8 should work, but are not actively tested. 
  • Microsoft .NET framework v4.5 or higher. Ideally you should be on v4.6.2+. If you are on an older version, you'll need to ensure a security patch is applied.
  • Microsoft Excel 2010 or newer to view reports. OSX users will need Excel 2011 for Mac.
  • QuickBooks 2007+ (US), QuickBooks 2008+ (UK and Canadian), or QuickBooks Online Edition to utilize the pre-built QuickBooks accounting system integration adapter
  • Microsoft Great Plains version 7.5 or later to utilize the Great Plains accounting interface
  • subscription that includes access to their web services. Currently Professional Edition or higher.

Projector Web

Projector Web is our website. Please see the page Web Browser Support for a list of minimum requirements.

Projector Mobile

Enter time and expenses through a mobile optimized website. See Supported Mobile Devices for a list of minimum requirements.

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