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Projector allows users to upload their files to our servers. From here you manage how large these files can be and how many can be stored at any given time. You can also download zips of your files for archiving and remove old files to free up storage space.

Files are uploaded to Projector and consume space when:

To reach this screen go to Administration Tab | Setup Heading | System Settings | Document Management tab subtab and click edit.

Permissions and Settings

To make changes on this tab you need the global permission System Settings set to Update.

The maximum size of receipts is not controlled on this screen. See System Settings Editor Cost Tab instead.

You can download your files and remove files through the Document Archives feature.

You can email invoices as attachments. These attachments cannot exceed 25mb in size or the email will not be sent.


These three settings are explained in the table below. They govern how much space you allocate for your files and what the maximum file size allowed is.



Maximum Capacity

Define the maximum amount of storage space you want to allow. When 100% is reached your users will no longer be able to upload files.

Leave this field blank to allow unlimited storage space.

The amount you are currently using is shown in parenthesis.

Workspace Quota

A workspace is automatically created for each project in your installation. They are used for collaboration and sharing files with team members or clients. Define the maximum amount of storage space any single project is allowed. If set to zero, you will not be able to upload additional documents to projects.

Maximum Document Size

The maximum size an uploaded file can be. This limit applies to all areas except receipts.

Document Archives

Download your files for archival purposes or to free up room in your installation. See the Document Archives page to learn how.

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