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Use Actuals Through

Select date to calculate actuals through.

Include unapproved hours in actuals

Check this box to include unapproved hours in actuals.

Show milestone tasks only

Check this box to only report on milestone tasks.

Run report for

  • One project – Includes data only for the specified project.
  • Engagements in – Includes data within the specified cost center.

Engagement Search String

Enter search items to query against client, engagement and project. It is possible to do both "or" and "and" searches in the report, but the functionality is limited (there is no way to group expressions with parentheses). Use the "|" character between items to mean "or", a set of space-separated tokens means "and", with no implied order.

Billable engagements only

Include task analysis on billable engagements only.

Include closed projects

Include task analysis on closed projects.

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