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When transferring overages you may encounter the following error - This action cannot be completed because sufficient overage minutes are not eligible for transfer. For a more detailed explanation, use the Manage Time Cards functionality to search for and attempt to manually transfer the time

This error is thrown in the following situations:

  • Source project and target project have roles with different names
  • Time cards are outside the project start/end dates
  • Time cards are outside role start/end dates
  • Time cards are For Reporting Only (FRO)
  • Time cards have been invoiced
  • Accounting period closed for time
  • Time cards have been through revenue recognition
  • There is an unapproved RDC cost card on a subcontractor invoice
  • There is not an existing role on the target project and user is not allowed to create a role
  • If your Actuals Cut Off Date is set within the current service period, the time card query is going to look at the most recently completed or previous time period. And the error message is stating that there are no hours available to transfer; likely because you already transferred them.

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