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The overrides tab is one of the most often used, and most often abused, areas of Projector. On this tab you can put in line-item overrides for each permission. It is used to elevate or restrict a specific permission for a user. This feature is often "abused" by setting user permissions by person rather than by type. What we recommend is always putting permission changes in at the type level if possible. If a specific user does not fit the exact definition of an existing type, that is when you should go in and put in line-item overrides to adjust their permissions. If you don't follow these suggestions you can end up with a virtual rat's nest of permissions which can be very complicated and cumbersome to manage.

That is not to say per-user types are not impossible to manage. Particularly for small organizations you may find that managing permissions on a user-by-user basis more straightforward.

In the screenshot below you can see that I have ticked the Override checkbox in the left-hand column. I have then granted this user the Allow access to Management Portal permission. In this case I have elevated the user's permission. You can also use an override to restrict permissions. Each of the subtabs shown in the screenshot cover a different set of permissions. We won't get into what all those permissions mean here, but you can review them at these help pages.

Some permissions have the ability to be governed on a per cost-center basis. For these you will see a blue dot displayed as either filled, half-filled, or empty. Assign permissions to users at any level of the cost center tree. Permissions cascade down from the cost center to all of its descendants. The table describes the three icons that graphically describe the permissions structure.

Dot IconExplanation

This cost center and all cost centers below are granted this permission

At least one cost center below the current cost center grants this permission

No cost centers at or below this level grant this permission

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