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When you request hours for a resource to a specific project Projector provides options for sending an email.

Example Email

This is the body of a typical email you will see from Projector. 

Dear Shermann Oakes,

PPSA Support User has made resource request change(s) for the engagement:

* Client: Acme Manufacturing
* Engagement name: Roller Skate Equipped Coyote Testing
* Engagement code: P001002

Change Requests:

* Project: Roller Skate Equipped Coyote Testing (P001002-001, stage: Delivery)
    - Mike Curtiss (Lead Tester) - New Role Added
          Requested 8 hours between 24-Nov-2013 and 30-Nov-2013

Projector account: bbcompany (B Brandt Company)

This email was automatically generated. Please do not reply directly to this message.

Email Senders

To request hours for someone you must have the cost center permission Request or Schedule Resources,  or the project must be in a Project Stage that allows Project Managers to request resources.  After requesting hours and clicking Save on the project you will be presented with this form:


If you don't see this form you most likely opted out of this by checking the "Do not show this dialog again" box.  To re-enable this form please review your Projector Options Form

Email Recipients

The following people will receive the email if the corresponding boxes are checked:

Email Send Time

The email is sent within a few minutes of submission.

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