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Invoice Scope

When creating an invoice. Projector searches for all billable time cards and cost cards. It then groups them onto invoices based on your scope. For example, if you invoice at the project level and a client has two projects, we generate two invoices.

  • Client
  • Purchase Order Number
  • Engagement
  • Project

When scoped at the Client or PO Number level, in order to have all engagements on the same invoice, each engagement's cost center, company, currency, and billing culture must match each other. 


Milestones are not mentioned in this dropdown, but they are affected by your choice. "Together" really means Time + Cost + Milestones all on the same invoice if possible. When would it not be possible? Milestones optionally have a project. If you are invoicing time and cost at the project level, but the milestone doesn't have a project, we can't stick them together. Rather, a separate invoice will be created for just the milestone. The invoice will be at the engagement level. If you choose the "separately" option then separate invoices are created for time, cost and milestones.

titlePurchase Orders

Purchase Orders behave in a special way.

Invoice Content

If you have both time and cost cards to invoice - do you want them all together on one invoice or separated over two invoices? Some clients pay labor invoices more quickly than expense invoices or vice-versa. Billing for time/expenses separately may help your organization get paid faster.

  • Time and Cost Together
  • Time and Cost Separately