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An expense document is associated with exactly one cost center. The cost center is assigned at the time of document creation. This is for two reasons. First we need to determine the routing for accounting transactions based on cost center. By binding it early, we prevent any inaccurate routing down the road. Second, the permissions around who can approve expenses for payment vouchers and invoicing is determined by cost center. Early binding of cost center keeps this person consistent throughout the document's life cycle.

  • Expense Report - when an expense report is created, it is assigned the resource's cost center
  • Vendor Invoice - cost center comes from the vendor
  • Subcontractor Invoice - cost center comes from the vendor
  • Soft Cost Batch - cost center is chosen by the person that creates the batch


Even though cost cards are grouped onto an expense document, the approval process allows for any individual cost card to be pushed through the approval process separate from other cards on the document. So we don't cover approvals in this section. Rather, see the Configure Expense Approval help page.