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There are three sets of possible recipients

GroupDescriptionSent If...
PM TeamThe PM team consists of the Engagement Manager, Project Manager, and anyone marked Can Act as PMThe project stage permission Notify PM team when moving from/to stage is enabled
Cost Center Notification WatchersUsers who have stage notifications turned on for the project's cost center.

The project stage Notify cost center list users when moving from/to stage is enabled and the user has the setting "Projects are moved to/from a stage" on their user profile on the Notifications tab.

Person who made the changeThe person who changed the stage and saved the project.This email is always sent so the email sender so the sender can be certain it went out to its intended recipients.

titleProjector-Generated Email Limit
Projector-generated emails are limited to ten recipients to prevent mail servers marking them as spam. If more than ten recipients are included then only ten recipients will be emailed.