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titleCan't Select Card

If a time card cannot be ticked off then it is ineligible for a credit on this invoice. It will be ineligible for one of two reasons:

  • The card has not yet been invoiced
  • The card is in an accounting period closed for adjustments and time entry.

You've done it! You now have negative time cards on the invoice. The credits on this invoice act just like real time cards, so you can write them up if you are only giving a 50% credit instead of the default 100% credit. You can even go in and edit the descriptions on the time cards if you like. You could add a not like, 'credit 3 hours from INV00018.' One thing you will notice is that the hours all read zero. If these were cost cards you would see the analog to hours, disbursed amount, as zero. Why does Projector do this? The reason goes back to operational data that we discussed previously. These are 'real' time cards in the back end. If these contained hours then it would change your operational reports. As such, we leave these as zero and they are purely financial constructs.