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This is one of Projector's most often asked questions. It seems like a simple request. Projector has utilization information. For instance, Tom has 70% billable utilization and 30% non-billable utilization. Let's break his billable utilization up by project and see where that 70% is coming from. But when I run my utilization report, there are no project fields! Why isn't it there?

To explain, you first need to be absolutely clear that utilization is a concept at the resource level. It can only successfully compute when looking at an individual person, or a group of individuals. This tells you useful information such as Charlie is overworked, or the creative department is underutilized. What you can't do is compute utilization once a resource is split. The most common example is of being split between projects. The problem is that projects aren't people. They can be over budget, they can be under budget, but not utilized per se. So we can't translate a utilization % to the project. Don't stop reading though, because of course we have ways to answer this question, just perhaps framed in a different way than you were expecting.

So now that you are clear that utilization % can only be calculated on whole resources, this introduces two concepts in our reporting. We call them Above the Resource and Below the Resource. Above the resource is any measurement that occurs on whole people, like individuals or departments. For these we CAN calculate utilization percentage and also show you what hours contributed to that percentage. Below the resource we CANNOT. However, that doesn't mean we can't still provide useful data. In this case we use a concept called Resource Equivalents. Read on to learn more.

To see your utilization data at the project level you will want to switch from the Utilization report to the Ginsu report.*


There is one exception, if you are looking for utilization by engagement type, you can do that in the utilization report. Reason being, we move engagement type data out of row fields and into data fields. We accomplish this by creating a data field for each engagement type. So if you had five engagement types, you would have five new data fields. We can't realistically do this for every project level metric as the number of data fields needed would be enormous. As data field are always at the bottom of a pivot table, you don't need to worry about above/below the resource.

Infinity Utilization

You can skip this section if you don't really care why Projector might show infinite utilization in a report and jump to the sections below. But if you do care, I'll explain why.