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In the top left you will see one of four status'. Draft, Approved, Issued or Paid. Please see the Invoice Browser for a more in depth explanation of these status'.

Current invoice approvals

Shows a summary of the approval status for finance, project manager and management. You will not be able to issue this invoice until all three are checked. A checkbox may be disabled if: 

  • You do not have permission to grant that particular approval
  • One or more adjustments are awaiting approval
  • The invoice does not require management approval


    To view a list of potential approvers press the Show Approvers button. The Permissions section discusses how approvers are defined.

    Management approval threshold calculation includes only the on-invoice adjustment (i.e. no pre-invoice adjustment) and original value of time or cost cards.


Invoice Information

These settings affect how the printable invoice is rendered and when the invoice hits your accounting system.