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First Name


Middle Name


Last Name



Auto-populates with initials from the First Name, Middle Name, and Last Name fields. You can override to anything of your choosing.

Display Name

Auto-populates based on the information entered in the First Name and Last Name fields, although you may override this procedure and type any name of your choosing. The display name must be unique for each resource. You can configure the default format from the Account Settings Editor.

Email Address

The resource's email address. This will often be their login name to Projector too.

Employee ID

The resource's employee id, usually defined by your finance department.

Vendor ID

The name or number used to identify the resource as a vendor in the accounting system for the purposes of paying expense documents. If integrating with QuickBooks, this vendor id should match the vendor in QuickBooks. Twenty character length max.

Timecards not approved by project-based approver require approval


Congratulations, you have found the most confusingly named setting in Projector! If I could rename this, I would call it "Auto-approve RBA time cards." An RBA time card is any card that needs to be approved by this resource's direct manager or cost center managers. These time cards originate from three sources

  1. Projects set to "Resource Based Approval" on the Project Info Tab
  2. Projects set to something other than "Resource Based Approval," but the default approver can't approve the time cards. For example, a PM can't approve their own time.
  3. Time off

So if this checkbox is UNticked AND any of the three above apply, the timecards are automatically approved. Got it?! No? I'm not surprised...

This setting allows time cards submitted by this resource to be automatically approved in certain scenarios. When this checkbox is UNticked, auto-approval occurs in the following scenarios.

  1. Time off cards submitted by this resource
  2. Time cards submitted against projects set to Resource Based Approval
  3. Any time card that triggers fallback approval

You can configure a single, direct manager to approve each of four items in Projector. You can add additional approvers through cost center permissions. For example, time approvals can be done by both the direct manager specified here and anyone with the cost center permission Approve Time.

Direct Manager 1 and 2

Use the dropdown lists to specify this resource's direct managers. Then tick a checkbox in each column for whether that direct manager can approve time, expenses, or skills. Only one box can be ticked per column. In addition to these direct managers, anyone with the cost center permissions Approve Time, Approve Expenses, or Approve Skills can also approve these items.

The time column is only available if the setting Timecards not approved by project-based approver require approval is ticked.