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Approve Time Automatically

There are two ways to have time cards automatically approved

  1. The easy way to approve time automatically is to edit a project and from the Time Approvers dropdown list


  1. choose None (Automatically Approved).



We have another means of automatic time approval that is meant for time off and time cards destined for resource-based approval.

  1. Edit the resource - This will cover all time cards submitted for this project.
  2. The second means for automatic approval allows you to set it on a resource by resource basis. This method covers time cards in the following two scenarios:
    1. Time off time cards
    2. Time cards submitted on projects where  Time Approvers drop down is set to Resource-Based Approval
    3. Time cards that trigger fallback approval

To activate automatic approval, edit the resource's profile and untick the checkbox Timecards not approved by project-based approver require approval


. Unchecking this box will mean that:

    • All time-off submitted by this resource will be automatically approved
    • All time cards submitted by this resource against Resource-Based Approver projects will be automatically approved
    • All time cards for this resource that end up
  1. using
    • triggering Fallback Approval will be automatically approved (
  2. for reference
    • this can be a little counter-intutive. For example, you may need to take away the ability to approve your own time cards in order to trigger fallback approval)

Time Off

Time off uses the approval method Resource Based Approval. That means Direct Managers and anyone with the cost center permission Approve Time can approve time off.