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Special Users

There are some additional types of users in Projector that fulfill special roles in Projector. Please see these child pages for more information.

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Manage Users

A user is someone who needs to log into Projector and enter their time/expenses, manage projects, run reports, administer projects, invoice, and much more.


Enter any part of a user's first name, last name, display name, or employee id. Projector will return any matching results. You can search for multiple users at once by putting the pipe character between their names. See Search MP for other advanced search techniques.

Include InactiveAn inactive user is someone who cannot currently use the system. Tick this checkbox to add them to the results list.
Include Proxy UsersA proxy user is often used for people on vacation or to test permissions. Tick this checkbox to add proxied users to the results list.

Add User

Click the Create New User button.


One reason to reset someone's password is to actually log in as them. For example, if someone left the company and you want to access their personal reports, you can reset their password.



Assign random password

A random password will be assigned. Make sure you tick the Send Email checkbox or your password will be reset and nobody will know what it is!

Specify a password

Enter an explicit temporary password like 'tempPass2013'. The next time the user logs in they will be prompted to change the temporary password to one of their own.

Send Email

If you do not receive an email then please check your junk and spam filters. If you continue to have trouble please contact Projector Support.

Clone User

Right click on a user and choose Clone User. The cloned user will have all the same permissions as the original. Useful when creating users that need to have duplicate, or near duplicate permission sets. If possible, you should be using User Types to control permission sets though.


The upper section of the editor contains basic contact information about a user, whether they are active (can log into Projector), and their time zone.



First Name


Middle Name


Last Name


Display Name

This field will auto-populate based on the information entered in the First Name, Middle Name, and Last Name fields, although you may override this procedure and type any name of your choosing.

Email Address

This is your username when logging into Projector.

Employee ID

Enter the User's employee ID. This is the unique identifier used by your organization to distinguish employees, usually taken from an HR or payroll system.


Active users are allowed to log into Projector Web and Management Portal as their permissions allow.


Inactive users are unable to login and work in Projector Web or the Management Portal. You may use the inactive flag to:

  • Remove access to ex-employees without deleting them from past projects
  • Disable a user while they are on maternity leave or sabbatical

Activate / Deactivate On

You can schedule the activation/deactivation of users for a date in the future. You might use this to deactivate a contractor who you knew would only be active for six months. Or set a new user active on their official hiring date. The change will occur at midnight on the day specified, based on the user's time zone.


Some companies wish to give their clients access to the Project Workspaces associated with that client. If this user login is for a client, check this box and select the client they are associated with. If you do not see the desired client in the drop-down menu, choose the <<lookup>> option, which opens the Select Client form, enabling you to locate the client.

If you choose to email invoices to your clients from Projector you will need to create a User profile for each email recipient. Be sure to check this box to ensure Projector recognizes the user as a client. There is no charge for client users who do not log into Projector and are only emailed an invoice

Override Time Zone

Check this box to enable the drop down list of available time zones. This time zone should equate to the location of the user and computer. We use local time in the following instances.


Client users are only allowed access to view their project workspaces and submit issues. Management portal access is explicitly denied. You cannot create a resource based on a client user. Also note that, once created as a User and Resource pair, even if the Resource is made inactive and management portal access removed the User cannot be converted to a Client access user.

User Types

User types are a very important concept in Projector. They define access rules, permissions, and notifications to groups of users - allowing you to make a change in one place and having it update many users at once. Before you start applying user types, you'll need to define them in the User Types Editor


Some permissions have the ability to be governed on a per cost-center basis. For these you will see a blue dot displayed as either filled, half-filled, or empty. Assign permissions to users at any level of the cost center tree. Permissions cascade down from the cost center to all of its descendants. The table describes the three icons that graphically describe the permissions structure.

Dot IconExplanation

Image Modified

This cost center and all cost centers below are granted this permission

Image Modified

At least one cost center below the current cost center grants this permission

Image Modified

No cost centers at or below this level grant this permission


Contact Information

The information that you enter here is displayed on the Home tab of a Project Workspace

Mobile Phone

Office Phone

Other Contact InformationEnter anything you like here. For instance IM address, Home Phone, or Location.