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A user with the Report Editor role can:

  • Create new reports
  • Edit reports they own
  • Edit reports shared to them
  • Delete reports they own

Your AAM administrator can delete or edit any report in the system. 

Each Report is tied to exactly one Data Set. If you need to create a report that contains data from two or more data sets, you'll need to either perform a join of the data, or use the CrossValue function instead.


Limiting data access - you can apply filters both on a per-report basis and per-view basis. When data is limited at the report level, it affects all views. You can optionally create a view of type "filter" on the report that provides interactivity with the displayed data. You can also apply filters on each individual view. When you apply filters at this level, there is no option for interactivity for the report consumer.

A report can be shared to other AAM users as either read-only or as editable.

Manage Reports

The basics of managing your reports.