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When you run reports, projections can be based on estimates or bookings. This is driven by the project stage permission Base Projections On.


An underlying user must be chosen to run the Salesforce integration. We recommend setting up a generic user that will never leave the organization. This prevents cutover issues if a user were to leave your organization. It also creates a clear audit trail about what changes were done via automation and which were done interactively. Whichever user you choose, they should have the following permissions:

Automatic Import Editor

This section describes each of the controls on the page. One important term you should understand before proceeding is what we mean when we talk about Entities. There are both Projector Entities and Salesforce Entities. Because the terms in the two systems differ, we use this generic descriptor. The idea is to map each Salesforce entity to a Projector entity. So in Salesforce you might have a lead. That lead maps to a Projector client. Each is considered an entity.


Tick the Enable Automatic Import checkbox. If that is also disabled, then you don't have the Salesforce module enabled. Contact Projector support to have them turn it on.

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