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titleNext Year's Holidays

 If you are adding holidays for a new year, do not edit existing holidays and change the date. This will break the baselines of all your reports. You should add each holiday for the new year manually.

Mileage Rates Tab

Use this section to set reimbursement rates for automobile distance traveled. The rate is based on the Based on a resource's location. The you can set the reimbursement rate for distance traveled. The rate is also time phased based on the incurred date. Finally, you can choose whether distance is measured in kilometers or miles.

The reimbursement rate and reimbursement currency are always based on currency used for reimbursement is set by the resource's home location. That is to saycost center and doesn't change based on location. For example, if Sally lives in the US and drives goes for a drive in Canada , she won't get reimbursed at Canadian rates or in Canadian dollars. Everything will be in USD.ll still be reimbursed in USD. 

titleLocation and Cost Center Mismatch

If a resource's location is in one currency and cost center is in another currency - Projector won't be able to calculate a reimbursement rate. The user will need to manually enter their distance and compensation rate. For example, let's say a Canadian resident works for a US company and is paid in USD. If they drive their car, they would expect to be reimbursed using Canadian rates. Projector does not support this scenario.

Resource Locations

Resource locations are set through the Resource Info Tab and the Resource History Tab