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The options on this subtab are pretty self explanatory. Click Edit on any existing row to change the date, name, or whether it is a full-day or half-day off. To add a new holidays, click the New button at the bottom of the list. You can add half-days or less than full days by ticking the Partial Day checkbox. The number of hours you enter will be subtracted from the resource's normal working hours. 

Copy Holidays From One Location to Another

To save time, you can now copy holidays from one location to another for a given date range.  

  1. From the Locations and Holidays browser, right click on the source Location and choose "Copy Holidays To.."
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  2. From the "Copy Holidays To" window, select a date range and the locations you want to copy the holidays to:

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  3. Click Copy.

titleNext Year's Holidays

 If you are adding holidays for a new year, do not edit existing holidays and change the date. This will break the baselines of all your reports. You should add each holiday for the new year manually.