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To view resumes, you must have the cost center permission Browse View Resources.

To add, remove, or edit documents and links you must have the cost center permission Maintain Resource Resumes.


Projector can search the following types of documents

ExtensionFile Type
.docMicrosoft 2003 Word Document
.docxMicrosoft 2007+ Word Document
.xlsMicrosoft 2003 Excel Spreadsheet
.xlsxMicrosoft 2007+ Excel Spreadsheet
.xlsmMicrosoft 2007+ Excel Macro Enabled Spreadsheet
.pptMicrosoft 2003 Powerpoint Presentation
.pptxMicrosoft 2007+ Powerpoint Presentation
.pubMicrosoft Publisher Files
.vsdMicrosoft Visio Document
.mspMicrosoft Project File
.pdfAdobe PDF
.csvComma Separated Values
.xmleXtensible Markup Language
.mdbAccess Database
.htmlWeb pages
.rtfRich Text Format
.msgEmail Messages

Search Nomenclature

The below table explains some of the advanced search functionality Projector supports.

Natural SearchA natural language search request is any combination of words, phrases, or sentences. After a natural language search, dtSearch sorts retrieved documents by their relevance to your search request. Weighting of retrieved documents takes into account: the number of documents each word in your search request appears in (the more documents a word appears in, the less useful it is in distinguishing relevant from irrelevant documents); the number of times each word in the request appears in the documents; and the density of hits in each document. Noise words and search connectors like NOT and OR are ignored.
StemmingStemming extends a search to cover grammatical variations on a word. For example, a search for fish would also find fishing. A search for applied would also find applyingapplies, and apply. There are two ways to add stemming to your searches:
  1. If you want to add stemming selectively, add a ~ at the end of words that you want stemmed in a search. Example: apply

apple and pear

Both words must be present

apple or pear

Either word can be present

apple w/5 pear

Apple must occur within 5 words of pear

apple not w/5 pear

Apple must not occur within 5 words of pear

apple and not pear

Only apple must be present

name contains smith

The field name must contain smith


Matches any single character. Example: appl? matches apply or apple.


Matches any number of characters. Example: appl* matches application


Stemming. Example: apply~ matches applyappliesapplied.


Fuzzy search. Example: ba%nana matches bananabananna.


Phonic search. Example: #smith matches smithsmythe.


Synonym search. Example: fast& matches quick.


Numeric range. Example: 12~~24 matches 18.


Variable term weighting. Example: apple:4 w/5 pear:1

In Practice

Resource Resumes can be viewed from the following areas of Projector: