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  • Make sure the milestone is not achieved
  • Make sure the milestone is not on an invoice. If it is on an invoice, you can edit it from the invoice itself.

You cannot change the contract type (T&M/NTE to FP or vice versa) for a contract line item terms once a time or cost card is submitted. This limitation is in place because revenue routing depends on the contract type. This applies when moving between Time & Materials/Not to Exceed, Non-chargeable, and Fixed Price contract terms.

If the contract type was setup incorrectly then you have two options.

  • Move all time and expenses cards back to draft. Then change the contract terms. Finally move all cards back to where they belong (submitted, approved, rejected, etc). 
  • Make a new CLI with correct terms. Then clone the existing project into a new project under the same engagement with the correct CLI. Transfer all the time and expenses to it. You will not be able to delete the old project at this point. You can simply close it as unused instead.