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The documents tab allows you to


track project documents

, share files among team members, and keeps a history of files as they are updated.

Permissions and Settings

Uploading documents requires the Document Storage module.

If the button to add new documents is hidden your workspace quota is set to zero.

You can decide who has access to this tab and who can make edits based on the permissions area of the Project Workspace Tab.

Type in the search field to find relevant documents.

  • File name is searched
  • File contents are searched for MS Word, MS Project, Excel, PowerPoint, PDF, and other formats 
  • Search looks for whole word or whole number matches only. For example, searching for '7' will not find '75'. 
  • Logical operators like and, not, or is unsupported
  • Search number ranges using ~~. For example 1~~10 will find numbers between one and ten.

To show all documents again, clear the search field.

Document Grid

The document grid shows the results of your search. Click on a column header to sort the list. 

Click on a document row to show additional details.


Click the Choose a new document (or drop one here) button in the upper right.

Add New Version

If a new version of the file is available, click the row to show details. Then press the Add a new version button. The file is overwritten with the uploaded version. When you upload a new version of a file, the original documents name does NOT change. If you had the document Risk Matrix.xls and uploaded a new version called Risk Matrix v2.xls it will be automatically renamed to Risk Matrix.xls. If you need to change the name of the file, see the change name section next.

Change Name

Click on a document row to show its details. Enter a new document name and press the Save button.


To remove a document click the trashcan () icon. If you delete a document by accident you can Undo it unless you choose to Delete Permanently...

Deleted, but not deleted permanently files still count towards your document storage. Depending on your contract, this may incur costs.