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When you go to create invoices, Projector looks at something we call the invoicing scope. Invoicing scope is set on each client. It can be overridden at the engagement level. Your choices are:

  • Client
  • PO
  • Engagement
  • Project

When you choose the PO option, then go to make invoices for POs, Projector makes an invoice for each unique PO number in the system. POs can be associated with the following entities.

  • Clients
  • Engagements
  • Contract Line Items
  • Projects
  • Roles
  • Tasks

On creation, we retrieve a PO # in different ways based on the scope.

  • Client - we get it from the Client Editor
  • Engagement - we get it from the Engagement Billing Tab
  • Project - we get it from the Project Info Tab
  • PO - Projector searches for all PO numbers that match across clients, engagements, contract line items, projects, roles, and tasks. It gathers all billable items that matched and puts them onto a single invoice. The created invoices acts like a client level invoice internally. Because of this you can manually pull time and cost cards from any other PO # onto the invoice after creation. You'll be warned that there is a PO mismatch.