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Document Type



Files found under the invoices tab of Project Workspaces

Project Issue Documents

Files found under the issues tab of Project Workspaces

Project Workspace Documents

Files found under the documents tab of Project Workspaces. Note that files that are "Locked" or checked out are not included in the archive.


Receipts are attached to expense reports or individual expenses


Resumes are uploaded from the resource editor. You may wish to remove resumes for inactive resources. Typically these are individuals who no longer work for the company.


Click the Check button to run analytics on your selections. 

DocumentsCount of all documents in this category
SizeSize of all those files added together
Proposed Archive CountNumber of files that will be archived based on your selections
Proposed Archive SizeSize of files that will be archived
TotalTotal size of your archive, based on all categories above.

Queue Files

You will see the following screen indicating the file has been placed in the queue. This may take awhile and large archives may be postponed until server activity is low, typically at night or on a weekend. So that you don't need to hang around wondering when your archive completes, Projector emails you when it is ready.