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Click the Assign button to specify resources that can fulfill a role. In order for this option to be available only one role can ticked.

ResourceThe resource you would like to work this role
Acceptability %
Availability Match %
Availability Flex %
Billing Adjusted Margin

Edit Hours

Tick the checkboxes for all the roles you want to edit hours on. Then click Edit.


You can right click for a host of fill options.

Fill From (N weeks or days)Based on the number of currently selected cells, fill them
Fill Special

Set the percent or number of hours you want to set per cell, for a certain amount of time, within certain constraints

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InsertInsert preceding cells, which will delay the schedule. Select multiple cells to delay longer.
DeleteRemove preceding cells, which will advance the schedule. Select multiple cells to delay longer.
ClearClear selected cells
ExtendInsert more cells to populate with hours
Set Scheduling ModeChange scheduling mode between weekly/daily

You can also copy/paste directly from Microsoft Excel into the grid. 


Under the Additional Actions dropdown you'll find the following choices.

Notify Schedulers...Send an email notification to one or more schedulers.
Share scheduling with...

If a scheduler does not have permission to schedule a role on this project, you can share the role to them. Once shared, they'll be able to schedule. Useful when you need to do things like allow a UK resource manager to schedule their team on a USA project.

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Route to...

Project Managers - Change a Scheduling in Process/Scheduling Complete role back to Request in Process

Schedulers - Change a Request in Process to Scheduling in Process

Swap resource...

Useful feature when a resource needs to come off a project. Transfer all their scheduled and hours and tasks to a new role.

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Close out role...

If a resource is ending their work on a role, use this choice to keep them from entering time/expense after the specified date. Also clears future booked hours.

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Delete role...Tick the role checkboxes and choose Additional Actions | Delete Role. If you cannot delete a role then there is some type of audit history on it. For example, time was entered for it and transferred to another role. Set a role end date and discontinue future use.
Undelete role...

When you delete a role it isn't actually deleted. You can always restore it later. To do so follow these steps:

  1. Under the gear icon Image Modified choose Customize. Add the column Delete Role?
  2. Under the gear icon Image Modified choose Show deleted roles.
  3. Tick the checkboxes for roles you wish to undelete
  4. Click Additional Actions | Undelete role