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The following rate types are preconfigured for every Projector installation. If you have chosen to rename or delete them then they may no longer be available.

Preconfigured Rate Types



No settings are specified. The contract and billing rates are determined by the Rate Card.

Zero Rate

The contract rate is zero, therefore the billing rate will also be zero. Use this rate type when you are logging non-billable work. Some installations use a non-billable G&A project for zero rate work while others prefer to log the hours to the billable project.

Not Chargeable

The billing rate is zero and will not be charged to the client. Standard contract rates will apply. Use not chargeable for work that should not be charged to the client, but had the potential to. Then you can run reports comparing contract and billing adjusted revenue to see where you lost revenue due to non-chargeable work. Work may be non-chargeable because it had to be redone, wasn't authorized, etc.

Overtime (1.5x)

Contract and billing rates are increased by 50%

Overtime (2.0x)

Contract and billing rates are increased by 100%


Regular rates are used, but your expectation is that the project manager will put in a non-regular rate override. Use this bin to track time that is unique to a project.

In Practice

Examples of where standard rate types are used in Projector.