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Clone hours

When ticked, all booked hours are copied into the new project. These hours can be left as booked or converted into requested hours. Currently requested and approved hours on the source project are not taken into consideration when cloning.

Make roles unnamed

If the roles in the old project were assigned then Projector will convert them to unnamed. This will force your PM's and Schedulers to reassign resources.

Create bookings / requests

Copy all scheduling data in as bookings or as requests (this includes Requested/Booked resource criteria for each role)

Clone rate and task types

Copy rate types on the Project Rates Tab.

Copy task types defined on the Project Task Types Tab.

Clone taskstask plan

Copy detailed task management tasks defined on the Project Task Planning Tab. If *Clone Roles* is unticked then only the task structure and duration is copied. If it is ticked then the assigned roles and effort will also be copied in.

Copy documents

Copy documents from the Project Workspace. Expense document receipts and invoices will not be copied to the new project.

Send Email to Project Managers

Notify project managers of the new project

Clone rates

Clone all rate cards. If copying into an existing engagement then that engagement must share the same currency as the original engagement.

If this section is grayed out, you have specified a non-billable engagement type.

Use default rates

One of three rate cards can be applied here:

  • If the source project has a specific rate card assigned to it, use it.
  • Otherwise use the specific rate card set on the client
  • Otherwise, use the default rate card for the engagement's cost center

Use the default rate card for the engagement's client. If the client setup specifies to use default rates, then the standard rate card for the engagement's cost center will be used.

If this section is grayed out, you have specified a non-billable engagement type.

Use this rate card

Select a different Rate Card. If copying into an existing engagement, the rate cards are limited to that engagement's currency.

This option is disabled if:

  • Engagement's stage does not allow you to change rate cards
  • The engagement is non-billable

Copy cost plans

Copy the cost plan defined on the Project Cost Planning Tab

Copy milestones

Copy milestones associated with the project's contract line item

Copy issues

Copy project workspace issues