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The limit access flag is a General Permission that can be modified through the User Type Editor  or on a line-item basis from the User Editor.

The limit access flag is often set for contractors who should not be able to see information about your installation outside their purview. For example, if you have a contractor working on projects for Client X, you wouldn't want them to see your entire client list. The limit access flag comes into play in specific situations. You should not consider it the "be all and end all" of locking users out of your installation data. If you elevate other parts of their permissions, then these may supersede any limiting imposed by this flag.

Users with this flag set will see the following limitations:

  • Time Entry only shows projects they have a role on (role can be requested, scheduled, and does not require hours to be assigned)
  • Expense Entry only shows projects they have a role on
  • Find Time only allows searching on limited fields
  • Project Browser only returns projects that the user is an engagement manager, project manager, or can act as PM on. The users visibility into projects can be expanded by giving them the cost center permission View Projects.
  • Other areas of the management portal respect a user's specific permissions and not the Limited Access flag. For example, if you give a user request/schedule permissions for all cost centers, they'll be able to browse roles on all projects. If you have users that need their visibility into your business limited, you should be very careful about how you expand their permissions.
  • Project Workspaces - limited access users constitute their own group for providing access to project workspaces
  • e3 - no access to content

Corner case - If limited user is requested on a project, then the project may be added to their timesheet. However, if that role is then booked to any other resource (including unnamed), then adding the project is impossible.