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Time Card FieldRDC Card Field
Work DateIncurred date
Task NameDescription 
HoursHours Worked
Project CodeProject Code
Resource LocationA resource's location on the time card's work date determines the RDC card's location. This location is used for VAT calculations.

Blocked Time Card Actions

Because time cards and RDC cards are linked, we sometimes need to block certain actions. For example, you can't delete a time card that has an RDC card associated with it. The table below outlines what you can do when an RDC card is unapproved vs. approved. You might find the actions allowed a little counter-intuitive because in many areas of Projector, we limit what you can do once cards are approved. RDC cards work differently. You can actually do more once they are approved. Reason being, once you approve to pay for completed work, we assume you are good to go. If down the road you need to edit the time card for invoicing purposes, perhaps by changing task, project, or description - then we don't want to block that.