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NameThe name appears on your invoices
DescriptionA description of the milestone. This can optionally be included on your invoices by editing the template.
Project CodeOptionally specify which project is associated with this milestone. Useful if you invoice your clients at the project level. Also useful when viewing reports broken down by project, or when using the Project Dashboard.
TaskOptionally specify a DTM task with this milestone. To enable this dropdown ensure that Detailed Task Management is ticked on the project info tab. Eligible tasks must be unavailable for time, cannot have time transferred to it, and cannot have child tasks. For task milestones, the Planned Date column is not editable and determined by the end date of the task. The milestone/task will mirror each other when changed. For example, marking the task complete will mark the milestone achieved. The only time this does not happen is if the milestone has already been billed. In this case the milestone stays as achieved.
AmountThe amount that the client should be invoiced for this milestone. Use a negative amount to issue a credit memo.
Planned DateThe date you plan to reach the milestone
Achieved Date

The date the milestone was actually achieved. Achievement happens in one of two ways:

  1. An achieved date is set manually
  2. The milestones is tied to a task. The task is marked complete.

Once a milestone is achieved

you can no longer edit any other settings. If you wish to go back and make changes, click the achieved date and choose Clear

it is locked. To make edits Clear the achieved date or mark the task it is associated with incomplete.


The following status' are available

  • Pending - the milestone is yet to be achieved, but will in the future
  • Foregone - the milestone has not and will not be achieved
  • Achieved - set this by choosing an achieved date
  • Billed - set when this milestone is on an issued invoice

The status is set automatically except for Pending/Foregone. You can choose between Pending/Foregone as long as the milestone is unachieved.

Invoice NumberShows which invoice this milestone is on. For example, DRAFT00432 or INV00223
DeleteDelete the current milestone. Only available for milestones that are NOT on an invoice.