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  1. You can download Projector for macOS here OR 
  2. Sign into Projector Web
    1. Click Topics 
    2. Under the Configure category, choose for Mac. If you do not have a download link here then you do not have permission to install or use Management Portal. Speak with your administrator.
  3. The file projector.dmg is saved to your computer. Double-click the downloaded file.
  4. Drag the Projector app icon into the Applications folder.

  5. Open Projector from your applications folder. 


    It is very important that you wait patiently during the following steps (15-18 minutes). Do not try to run Projector again until the installation has completed. Running prematurely or clicking cancel will break the installation.

  6. A warning message will appear. Click Open. The file will be verified and opened.
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  7. A notification about file access may appear. Click OK.

  8. Unless you are actively using other applications you'll see our splash screen.

  9. Some files supporting Microsoft's .NET technology will be downloaded. Please wait.

  10. Files will be extracted. Keep waiting! (1 minute)

  11. Tick the checkbox I have read and accept the license terms. Then click Install.

  12. Wait while the .NET 4.0 framework is installed. (3-4 minutes)

  13. Click Finish. Do not try to open Projector yet.

  14. Some more files will download. (1 minute)

  15. Files will be extracted. Keep waiting! (1 minute)

  16. Click Continue on this warning dialog. You do not need to worry about these conditions.

  17. Tick the checkbox I have read and accept the license terms. Then click Install.

  18. Wait while the .NET 4.6.2 framework update is installed. (about 5-6 minutes)

  19. Click Finish. Do not try and open Projector yet.

  20. Another download dialog automatically opens. (1-2 minutes)

  21. You will be asked to re-start Projector. Click OK, and then re-start Projector from your launch pad or applications folder.

  22. Finally, you will be prompted to log into Projector.
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