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This trio of icons are visual indicators of whether a tree of permissions are enabled or not. A full circle indicates that the current node and all child nodes are enabled. The half-full circle indicates at least one child node is selected. An empty circle indicates that no nodes are selected.
This card has a non-standard value. That means someone put in an override on the value at some point.
This card has adjustments that were approved
This card has an adjustment that is not yet approved
This time card has a zero client amount and has been suppressed from view on the printed invoice
Move an item up in a list
Move an item down in a list
For reordering items in lists

Multi-select dropdown arrow
Send an e-mail
There is a note
Click this button to view more information about an item
Your preferred selection
Cells with a note will display a red triangle in the corner.
Dependent Batch
Advanced Analytics
Intacct accounting module
Submitted for approval
Remove item
Trash item
Large trash icon
AAM custom member
AAM subset
AAM translation
AAM appearance
AAM visibility
AAM transform
AAM lock
AAM filter
AAM delete
Menu or drag handle
Add / Plus
AAM date/time
AAM indicator
AAM joined columns
AAM reorder columns
Add items
Remove items
Edit details

Open item
AAM gear
Edit KPI
Edit Options
Switch between users in old projector web (just used for resource resumes these days)
Resource info
Home tab arrows for reordering sections
Print Management Portal grid
Convert Management Portal grid to Excel format
Lock FX rate
Borrowed resource / alien resource
Warning icon in Projector Web
Recurring event
Date picker
Add item
DTM recalculate

Belladati export

Belladati BellaApp

Percent complete override on DTM task

Projector web gear

Drill down

Favorite filled

Favorite empty

Information icon